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Hey there fila’s, I’m sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted ,I’ve been caught up with lots of things but to be honest, that’s no excuse for my negligence.

 Moving on,today I’m going to discuss something very different from skin and hair care.You might be wondering what the neglected body parts are. You’ll agree with me that the underarms, elbows and knees are the most neglected parts of our body. Without any doubt, we all wash, cleanse and moisturize our faces on a regular basis.


Just the way we wash our face with a face wash ,we all need to wash our underarms with a body wash or you can use a face wash too. The skin of the underarms are usually thinner than the other parts of our body..

IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER:                                               Don’t use not use of a harsh soap for your underarms rather use a mild soap. Using harsh soap causes the underarms to darken.                                                                                                         Avoid using any hair removal cream. Yeah!! You heard right. Those are not good for the skin and may cause it to darken. Use razors instead. I know most people hate it (I hate it too). According to research, the best option is waxing. Waxing reduces the the darkness and gives a silky smooth skin.     

    TIPS: try to scrub the area before waxing. By doing so you’ll get an excellent result.                                                                                    -Everyday after your bath, wash your underarms thoroughly .  Scrub your underarms every two days. You could make your own scrub or buy whichever you think will suit you. My favourite is the Lemon Sugar Scrub.

The skin of the knees and elbows are usually thougher.

      DIY’S BELOW 

Lemon Sugar  Scrub                                                                               

  • 1\2 cup sugar (white or brown) preferably organic
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1\2 fresh lemon
  • 1 tbsp organic honey 


The lemon juice may help brighten the skin.

  • Squeeze out the juice into a clean bowl. 
  • Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.
  •  Using the tips of your fingers, gently scrub on your knees, elbows or armpits. 
  • Remove by rinsing with cool water and dry with a clean towel.
  •  Add on a layer of oil as a moisturizer if necessary.

Other Scrubs I love to make

The simple sugar scrub

  • 1 tbsp organic sugar
  • 12  drops of water
  • 1-2 drops of olive/coconut oil     

Tomato sugar scrub

  • 1\2 fresh tomato
  • 1\2 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey

The lime salt scrub

  • 1\2 fresh lemons/lime
  • 1 -2 tbsp salt
  • 1-2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp olive/coconut oil

Just follow the steps above. So organic and simple enough.

Final thoughts: What scrubs do you guys love to make.




Diary, Makeup

Hey guys, I was supposed to share this last week but I had a lot going on. Allow me to scream again  yyyeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!!  I’m so elated.

 I just won an amazing giveaway,  I call this the mother of all giveaway this is like a dream come  true.   Let’s go into how it all happened 

The other day I was just being my nosy self,  stalking different makeup artist pages on Instagram, there was this  particular page I stumbled upon, they were hosting a free makeup training giveaway *WOW*, It has always been on my wish list to attend a makeup training . I just couldn’t let this pass,  I entered for the contest  “I’ll end up not winning anyways”             PS: I’ve entered for countless giveaways and ended up not winning. 

You can imagine going to meet friends to help you draw your eyebrows early  in the morning or to help you apply eye-shadow *lol* (I’ve done that countless times).  There was this terrible experience I had one time, I went for a job and sadly the makeup artist didn’t show up.  I said to myself  “Jumy it’s officially over “.  I had to go through the embarrassment of begging other girls there to help me,  they didn’t even answer me,  busy baking, contouring, highlighting and a bunch of stuff I didn’t even understand. There was this girl I went to meet to help me and she was like “sorry I won’t be done anytime soon, I still have to do my lip”. Like seriously who does that. So that day I did the job looking not so gorgeous as the other girls. I got my  money anyways. I was so pissed when I got home, I started watching YouTube makeup videos,  trying to draw my brows and failing miserably. 

So when I saw this makeup training giveaway it was like a dream come true. I entered for the contest,  begged my friends to like the post and tag other friends. I’d even forgotten about the contest,  a week later i got a message from the host of the contest and we got talking.  Last Monday evening, I logged unto my account on Instagram,  saw a notification, opened it, I screamed when I saw that I was announced the winner of a three weeks intensive makeup training with one of the best celebrity make-up artist in Nigeria @B.E.A.U.T.I.F.I.E.D you can look her up on Instagram. So guys I’m currently going through intensive makeup training.

****You’re looking at your next MUA****

 I’m really thankful to God for making me log unto Instagram that day, I was able to see the giveaway on her instasnap.  I’m grateful  to Ndastedomo and Beautified for this great opportunity to learn from the best of the best.



Hey there FILA’s.  Not everyone is particular about makeup especially foundations,  that’s fine…. …

     A lot of makeup lovers like myself would have had several issues with finding the right foundations that will just sit seamlessly on the face without having to dab and dab and dab…….  OK!! Some of us don’t have perfect,  etheral-level skin that can go without coverage.  I’ve taken the pain to do a research on foundations that are breathable, lightweight and totally longwear.  “I’m awesome right” *wink* . You won’t feelall chocked up trust me.  And don’t freak……  they are way easy to wash off.                                      
   PS: I love makeup but I don’t wear them everyday, only on Sunday’s to church and for events I have to attend. I don’t like  wearing makeup to class cause you’ll end up getting all sweaty….. Ewwwwww……… 

So I call these The Holy Grail Foundations

LancΓ΄me Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long wear  Foundation : one of the best waterproof foundations.  Gives a total coverage leaving the skin looking natural,  velvety-matte finish for up to 24 hours.  

M. A. C  Pro Long wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation one of the best mac products.  Lasts for 24hours,  can be used as either a foundation or concealer.  We all know you could never go wrong with a M. A. C foundation. 

Tarte-Amazonian  Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 : the Regan vitamin rich foundation covers redness,  acne and hyperpigmentation,  restores balance for oily or sensitive skin. Bendable, longwear coverage foundation.

SmashBox Studio Skin 15hour Wear Hydrating Foundation oil free hydrating foundation,  leaves the face super  flawless

Revlon ColorStay for combo/oily skin : I really loved this when I used it, controlled my very oily face.   smooths on evenly for a flawless look.  

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation : I’m crushing on this foundation.  Has an air-tight texture with a demi-matte finish,  doesn’t get the skin oily.  Last up to 24hours. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish  Foundation :  party proof, contains vitamin E and SPF 20, light weight finish bit still provides coverage.  Leaves you with a flawless finish for up to 25hours ……….WoooooW…….. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup : leaves you looking fresh, natural through heat,  humidity and non-stop activities.  Flawless look that lasts you all day

Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup : this is made for skin that’s very oily (I think I need this) it’s fragrance free and contains an array of silky-light weight ingredients. It’s soft slightly fluid cream texture is easy to blend. 

Maybelline Fit me Matte/Poreless Foundation : my love for this foundation. Only Maybelline’s pore-minimizing foundation contains genius blurring micro powders that erase pores and absorb oil for natural matte and poreless-looking finish.  Does not clog pores and very oil free.

Please immediately try them all *lol* .  Or,  OK at least one.

Share you’re thoughts on other holy grail foundations………



 It’s that time of the year again when the rain suddenly starts pouring heavily without notice leaving us hopping around in drenched clothes and muddy shoes. It’s even worse for those of us leaving in Lagos……. The crowded bus stops , unending traffic, floodings are just some of the things to expect the season. This is when one feels like staying indoors, taking a nap in bed, watching endless movies or even reading a novel with a hot cup of coffee. Sadly we still have to carry out our day to day activities as such we have no choice but to be outside the rain. 

I’ve had my own share of bad experience this season which left me looking like a homeless person with drenched clothes, bad shoes , dripping bag with books in it.  To top it all up I was stuck in an endless traffic for hours. In other to avoid such horrible occurrence,  I’ve been able to make a list of must haves this season . I know most of you must have had your bad experiences too.  


Stay Dry In Leather : this is the perfect season to style those leather skirts, pants, jackets etc. Leather is a huge fashion trend, why not ditch your wools ,suedes and the likes for a fashionable jacket. It keeps you warm and protected form the rain. 

Strutt In Rubber Sandals aka Jellies :  We don’t want to get our leather shoes ruined now do we. Jellies are water friendly,  you don’t have to worry about walking in the rain.  They can be made stylish in your own way.                                                       Ps: You could always change back to your regular shoes when you arrive at your destination. 

I have a thing for block sandals

Stylish With An Umbrella : this can be used to accessorize any outfit,  very affordable too.  They protect your hair and clothes from getting wet. A must have for this season except you love showers of rain *winks*.  Besides there are very fashionable pieces,  no excuse for sticking to boring umbrellas.  Spice up your outfit with your favorite color.

Looking Dapper With Full Protection In a Raincoat :   Raincoats?? Seriously??  Yep a raincoats…. This fashion trend is not popular on this side of the globe.  Sometimes umbrellas might not come in handy but a raincoat always does. Could be very upsetting walking in the rain and a car splatters dirty water on everyone on the side walk.  So not cool   it covers the entire body.  They come in adult sizes and stylish pieces too.  

Water Proof Bags And Wallets : Leather and cloth typed bags are a no no this season, they can be substituted for plastic totes with large colourful purses,  transparent back packs are also a chic option for protecting books,  files and papers.  Can’t imagine all your important files getting soaked in the rain. You should have a perfect rainy day accessory to protect your essentials. 

Water Proof Makeup: for makeup lovers, you don’t want to be caught with droopy mascara leaving you with a messy face. Try to invest in water proof makeup products in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances.         

You do not want to look like this 

  Lastly, because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean your outfits have to be too.  Wear bold colors not just black. Accessorize,  add colour to your outfits (not white bottoms please).  A nice colourful neckcarf will give life to any outfit.

The next time it starts pouring,  you’ll be in your stylish raincoat or a lovely umbrella, strutting away in your jellies and saying “take that Mr rain,  paybacks a bitch”….




Hey there FILA’s!!!!!, can I call you guys that? (sounds kinda Weird) *****lol****** just wanted a different name for my lovely readers.its the best I could come up with………….

I was surfing the internet the other day and stumbled on some really awesome stuffs. I’ll be sharing with you today my amazing fashion finds.  I bet you’ll love them as much as I do *wink*  these stuffs are a must have for every girl. Not necessarily like these ones though, it’s just to give you guys an idea of some fashionable items you don’t wanna miss (you get what I mean right).

LETS TALK FASHION FASHION FASHION (already singing in my head) I’m  weird like that.  ********Lol******

THE HANDY BAGS: I’m a huge fan of good quality bags cause they last longer. Bags come in different shapes,sizes and the likes. It doesn’t have to be branded. (Not everyone can afford designer bags) but you could still get trifted quality bags at affordable prices. Just look for the design you love so much                                    “ROCK THAT BAG GIRL”

CHIC IN A BACK PACK: keeping it simple ?, I have the right accessory for you.  The back pack.  I’m not talking about the nerdy, laptop kinda backpack. This one is a must have for every girl. Yes every girl including you you, you and you. I’ve always loved backpacks cause they’re super chic and comfortable. We now have stylish back packs *****yeah***  they come in amazing designs and prints.  I saw one in school today,  my o my, this bag was a beauty to behold. ****wink**** 

 KNUCKLE RINGS AND CHOCKERS:  my obsession for this fashion item has no end. I can still remember those days as a jambite when I couldn’t leave the hostel without my knuckle rings.  Rings makes you look trendy, they add that extra to every outfit.  *****bling it gurl******. Speaking of chockers, they’re really making a statement in the fashion industry (I mean lovely statements). They come in different styles, easy to pair with any outfit of your choice. 

FOOTS WEARS : my love for comfort shoes knows no bounds. You could never go wrong in a pair of block mules,block boots  or sandals.  Super Duper chic and comfortable.

Love the fringe detail in both pictures. Adds a lil twist and style

Then my favorite of them all . My Converse Find.  Was so excited when I saw these lovely shoes , had to share again.  Blushing  *covers face*

I hope I’ve been able to inspire someone.  Bring out the FASHIONISTA in you *winks******** step up your fashion game. 

share your thoughts and feelings about the fashion find. Don’t be a stranger……………….. 



It might sound a bit funny if I say I love to  BE CONVERSE. Hold it……..  I’m not talking about conversations or other related words.                                                                                                       I mean THIS


I’ve always been a sucker for comfort shoes and always stand by the motto that says 

                       ” Wear shoes for comfort”

(I still love my heels) πŸ˜†

You’ll agree with me that converse, sneakers, sandals, flat soles and the likes of all comfort shoes. As a student, comfort shoes are a necessity. Wearing heels to classes will kinda make you look bizarre, you’ll just keep getting awkward glances here and there.  But if you’re daring 

                                   “Go for it GIRL”

(I’ll remember adding that to my bucket list) 

It seems as though there’s no rest for looking fashionable when it comes to sky-high heels. But yeah!!!!! The shoe goddess have looked upon our tired feet and answered our prayers, providing us with the most comfortable and stylish trends around. We are not the only ones excersing the comfort footwears trend. Celebrities are too, the very same ones who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but stilettos. 

Converse could be literally worn on any outfit ,depends on your preference. It has really made a fashion statement from everyday outings to redcarpets, weddings etc. 


DRESS x CONVERSE: really trending now, a fashion statement, pair them with  lovely jewelries and you’re good to go. 

LOOKING CHIC IN SHORTS : showcase those amazing legs 😜

MAKE THAT SKIRT POP: going for a date with the girls, this is super duper chic and fashionable.  

My very own fashionista lookthroughtheracks.blogspot.com

MAKING A STATEMENT IN ANKARA : pick out that Ankara piece in your closet and spice it up a lil. Ditch the heels for a nice pair of Converse. 

my love for her style funmialabi.co.uk

THAT HOT PAIR OF TROUSERS: most fabulous  style. You could never go wrong in a pair of jeans and a converse.

My love for her style funmialabi.co.uk


Stewart literally ditched the heels…..  You rock gurl

LASTLY: can’t wait to see more daring girls ditching the heels……….on their special day ……

Our very own.  Love her guts…….. 

No more teetering on needle thin heels or hobbling home after a night of arching pain. Ahead are days of mobility and all round comfort.  CAN I GET A YES!!!!!! 

           Don’t be scared to explore your inner converse

PS : hit me up in the comment section, let’s share our converse journey together……..


Blog, Diary

I’m sure many bloggers like me have had to go through the stress of getting that perfect blog name.  I’ll like to share my experience…

Before I decided to start blogging,  I had all my facts straight,  what I wanted the blog to be about,  lovely ideas, pictures,  links and all that. The blog was initially supposed to be stylemeetsmed but due to some circumstances I had to give up that idea and start all over from step one. (so much work)..

In the bid of getting that perfect blog name, I suddenly got agitated one night ,couldn’t even sleep, my mind just kept swimming and swimming with ideas,started sorting for name ideas subconsciously ,tried to stop Buh it only got worse (who can relate to this). I then called one of my friends in school at about 11pm telling her to help me with blog names.  LOL (I could be weird like that) . Gladly she agreed and that’s how we kept on guessing and trying different ideas.  I got stuck on using VELVETS compulsory (a sudden obsession).  We tried velvets with every name we could think of, it was horrible,  this went on and on and on, it was getting frustrating already . We surfed the internet for ideas we were still blank.  She even had to involve her roommates and surprisingly they all came up with amazing  idea but I’ll never forget the statement one of them made, she said and I quote “why don’t you just do a mix of your name,  it would make you unique instead of just perambulating and racking your brains unnecessarily “. OK that’s how we diverted and started building ideas around the name. After trying and trying one of the roommates said “why don’t we use Jummydefils ” that’s was a good one,  everyone fell in love with the name already. Me being me (I must always look for ways to re-brand things,ever the perfectionist ) LOL I can’t help it, I had to add a lil tweak to it.  That’s how  JUMMYDEFILA came to be the blog name and I’m so glad it all worked out.  A very big thank you to all those who helped me love you guys a bunch……..

Who ever said blogging was easy hasn’t tried sorting for that perfect name… Pheew Thank goodness I’ve scaled through that phase.

PS: I’d like to get stories of how your blog name was created and if you also passed through my very frustrating phase.

Don’t  forget to subscribe and leave a comment ..



Have you ever experienced a situation where you just loose interest and zeal in something,the passion for a particular thing of interest just disappears. Well THIS GIRL HAS

It might be unbelievable for me to say this blog has been in existence since October 2015 to be precise. Hilarious (I know right).  Don’t know what really happened but let’s just say I was so busy I lost the passion for writing.

Lately i’ve been going through a lot and I really needed something to drown myself in (alcohol and drugs is not an option) I’m still laughing at myself. I’ve tried several stuff like: surfing the internet, listening to music, sleeping and the likes but I still couldn’t find that inner peace and solace.  During meditation one day something just struck me “why don’t you start writing again”. Wow!!!!!! It felt as if my eyes were opened to what I’ve been missing out on.  Looking for something that wasn’t even lost to begin with.  There and then I started reminiscing about my early years as a press club member in highschool, the energy and zeal with which we sort after juicy gossip,  news ,anything press worthy so as to post on the notice board . All the excitement that comes with seeing your post as the editors pick for the week. It’s all so hilarious now,  looking back at the times when I pretend to be a child author,writing stories for children and making my siblings act out the parts πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ (my glory days).   I have lots of scribbles here and there  ( I really do hope I find them).

I’ve been following a lot of bloggers lately and seeing the amazing work they are doing,  I got inspired and motivated by most of them and I hope I’m most welcome to the family. 😊😊😊😊😊.

Can’t remember how many times I’ve changed the blog name without posting anything on it. πŸ˜‚ (lazy much). I’m sure if this blog could speak it would have reprimanded me lot of times πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚.  I’m really grateful to God first of all and then to my amazing friends that helped me in brainstorming for ideas πŸ’‘.  You guys are the best.

PS : in my next post I’ll be talking about the funny way the blogs name came about.

This is me officially saying a big welcome to this BLOG.

I’m not the best if writers or fashionista but I think I’ve been able to create a pretty much decent everything for myself.

Letssssssss move………. Forward………..