There are more than hundred side jobs that anyone can incorporate into his or her day to day life without affecting your schooling (for students) or quitting your 9-5 jobs and still make that extra cash.

Excited right? I am too.

I’ve done my research and here is a list of 10 different side hustles I compiled together. I feel the jobs posted here should resonate with everyone reading.

All you need to get started is a browsing phone and internet service.

Social Media Management

There are lots of small and big businesses that are willing to pay for that extra spice to their social media pages. From creating catchy contents , responding to dms and emails to posting aesthetically pleasing pictures. The fun part of this job is that you can work from anywhere. Not all brands required you to come to their offices. Even if you’re to drop in maybe once or twice a week. From my research, managers get paid between N10,000-N30,000 depending on the brands you work with. Get on sites like Freelancer , LinkedIn to get started. You can also reach out to businesses by offering your services , let them know how you can spice up their social media pages. If you wish to learn more ,follow pages like EverythingNaArt , Thedigitalthinker , Ezim etc


The other day , I was chatting with a colleague about getting a self hosted blog. (Removing the WordPress.com) and she said she knew someone that charges between N15,000 – N20,000.

This is just for a blog. Now imagine how much it cost to create websites or companies and brands . If I were tech savvy I’ll jump on this job (never too late to learn)

All you need is a Computer , internet and your web designing skills.

Get on platforms like Fiver, Jobberman, Freelancer , LinkedIn

You can also follow small companies on social media and pitch yourself to them.

Graphic designing

This is another easy way to make extra cash. You can render your services to a wide audience ranging from companies to individuals . Graphic designs are what small , medium and big companies use to drive traffic to their sites.

I lost a virtual job because I didn’t know how to design Graphics, but trust your girl She’s taking online classes already.

If you’re good with creating designs like logos, covers, templates, event tags, invitation cards, fliers etc then this job is for you. Apply for jobs on the sites I mentioned above , pitch yourself to brands and learn more. Apps you can use to create amazing designs includes Canva, Over etc.

Learn a trade

I cannot emphasize this point enough. It’s 2019 guys, there’s are lots of trades to learn and make money from . I was chatting with a secondary school friend the other day and I asked him what’ve was doing while awaiting he NYSC list. I got the shock of my life. He told me that he sells handmade footwear and also does phone repairs. And I’m like seriously, And he’s like: “ yes , the country is not favorable to graduates without NYSC certificates and mans got to eat”.

(Nigerian parents have nothing for you once you finish your University education). Start now .

Things you can learn Includes

Makeup : YouTube is your friend, there are several videos for beginners, from how to draw your brows to basic eyeshadow application etc. And if you have the money, there are several makeup artist offering trainings for makeup. Check for your favorite ones on social media (instagram) to enroll for any of the packages.

How I started (read here) YEAH!!!!……….. GOOD NEWS Follow my journey here MAKEUP GROWTH + FIRST PAID JOB

Fashion Designing : It cost a lot to make a simple dress especially in Lagos. The last dress I wore to an event cost me N6,000 . If I learnt how to sew , I wouldn’t see the need to give someone else that job. Sewing a dress in Lagos ranges from N5,000 – N20,000 or more depending on the area. This is a lucrative business that is currently making waves in the country. Every lady, guy, woman or man wants that tailored asoebi style for their next event and are willing to pay a lot provided you can deliver what they want. Source for good fashion houses around where you can learn of you’re interested. Prices to learn ranges from N50,000 – N200,000 . Like I said above “it all depends on the area”.

Phone and Laptop repairs : This could be a thing of interest for guys especially. The last time my phone crashed, I paid N4,000 to get it fixed. That was the cheapest I got because it was repaired by a friend. Now imagine if I took it to a repair store or the phone store, I’ll be charged over the roof.

Catering : You know how to make mouth watering dishes or how to bake. This is an easy cash maker for you. Nowadays most working class people pay caters to cook various kinds of delicacies for them especially soups . It’s never too late to learn different cooking styles. There are various YouTube videos and cooking sites too like Kikifoodies, Gracevalue , Dishes_by_q, Ifys.kitchen etc

Footwear making: Everyone loves a good handmade footwear especially in Nigeria. This is gradually becoming a profession in Nigeria . I’ve seen quite a lot of footwear brands with amazing designs on various social media platforms. You can learn how to make footwear’s too. I know of a few brands like Theofficialziza and Salubata . Check them out and make your enquiries.

Skincare products making: One of the most lucrative side jobs in the country now. Everyone wants to have that glowing skin. Search online for brands that offer these services.

Hair/Wig Making: Guys this side hustle is the bomb. It’s quite expensive to get your weave and wigs slayed to perfection . Price ranges between N6,000 – N15,000 . If you can get on this job, you’ll be making a whole lot of extra cash. Check out these pages on instagram Tsahair.co , VersesofBeauty . You can also watch videos on YouTube to learn.

Nail art: Also one of the top side hustles in the country. Nail fixing ranges from N3,000 – N10,000 . Nail technicians are constantly looking for interns, you can go into any nail saloon close to you to make enquiries about their services. Search online and apply if you’re interested.

Eye lashes extension: Another side hustle that’s making waves in the country. This requires proper training. If you don’t know what this is , visit Nimera4all , Adeboye_lash on instagram .

Uber and Taxify/Bolt Service

This is a lucrative job for anyone who has a car and is looking to make extra cash. Register with any of the transport services on their website. I love this side hustle because you can work anytime you want , you are your own boss.

Taxify(Bolt) is currently looking for drivers visit their website to apply

Render services

I recently discovered sites for online tutoring Chegg , Prepclass , Tuteria . If you’re excellent in a particular field of study and you enjoy teaching, especially secondary school students , this might just be the right job for you . You can also teach students studying for WEAC , GSCE and JAMB. You can also organize tutorials for students, post your ad on social media platforms etc.

Other service you can render includes cleaning, washing, doing grocery shopping for people at a price. Most working class people do not enjoy cleaning during the weekends. Take advantage of this to make extra cash for the weekend. There are several online businesses doing this already and they get paid heavily. Do your research , pitch yourself to people. This requires little or no formal skill.

Sell something

Everyone is going crazy on internet marketing. Buy quality items at wholesale prices or during sales and resell them on various social media platforms especially Instagram. Or become a distributor for brands , they give discounts to their retailers. By doing this , you’re building your own brand. Product you can retail includes; makeup, phone accessories, human hair, shoes , bags, clothes etc.You can sell off your products on Konga Dealday instagram, Twitter etc. You can also buy any product of your choice at cheaper prices on AliExpress and resell them at your own price. If you’re gifted with the art of marketing products (I’m not gifted, tried to sell a few products in my school. I sold to only to my friends and that was after lots of persuading and ass kissing *lol*). Brands you can retail for includes

Zaron, zikel , Tara etc for makeup

Skincare brands on instagram are constantly looking for retailers . Sign up to a brand you trust.

Freelance writing/proof reading

There are lots companies looking for freelance writers, translators,proofreaders, editors etc. If you have basic writing skills and a good eye for detail, Then this job is for you. Here are a few sites you can go to Freelancer , Scripted, Dreamshala


This is the big business right now, especially among students. If you have a Camera and Laptop then this is the job for you but if you don’t , maybe you should look for another side hustle, Cameras are quite expensive. You’ll also need to know how to work with editing apps like photoshop, Lightroom etc . Photographers make lots of money , if you want to up your game , there are lots of sites you can take courses from e.g Udemy and also watch videos on YouTube.

Event Coordinating/Ushering jobs

I put this as the last because I think only the younger generation 16-25 will be recruited for this job. This requires you to stand for hours sometimes, smile at guest, make sure the event is in order. No formal training is required. Most of the jobs are mostly on weekends and Agencies usually pay between N5,000 – N15,000 depends on who you work for. You can follow UshersInNigeria for notifications on available jobs and Agencies that recruit.

The fun part about getting a side hustle is that you can learn anything , you keep learning and improving on your skill while on the job. It has become so easy that you don’t even need to go to a formal school or a classroom, you can be on the comfort of your bed as you take your online classes, watch YouTube videos ,read blogs and books about whatever you want to learn.

When you finally get a side hustle don’t stop working. You don’t start making money in a day. You’ve got to work and work and work some more. Take courses, improve your skills and just keep hustling.

It’s totally fine if you don’t have a side hustle, you can always learn new things anytime.

This year I’m all about being intentional and living the best life one day at time. Leveling up and being a source of help to others.

I have a three side hustles because I just can’t get enough. I keep learning new things everyday and I can’t keep my amazing ideas to myself .

What is your side hustle and how many do you have?.


  1. SUSAN TOMISIN says:

    Very enlightening!
    I love this girl.
    Thank you for this post and I hope everyone who gets to read this piece, gets an inspiration and gets interested in one or two of the above penned.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SUSAN TOMISIN says:

    Funny enough I got no side hustle presently, although I know a little about hairdos and all but this post just inspired me! (gave me ginger 😊) I hope to get down to practicing and get perfect in one of these.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adejumoke says:

      Not easy at first but with time you’ll love how amazing the designs you create will look like. I could create 5-7 different designs for the same thing sometimes 😂😂. Selling stuffs isn’t a bad idea . Thanks for your input .


  3. soultitude says:

    Very enlightening post. I currently do freelance writing, but still looking to learn how to make footwears. .because I really like it. Anyway, thank you for the post. Everyone should read, particularly students… Well done 👏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dolapo says:

    Hi Jimmy, i stumbled on your blog about an hour ago and i’m glued. Thank you for your quality content; it’s so hard to come by.
    I have so many things i wanna do, it’s like i wanna do everything i like. Presently, i’m learning tailoring ( it’s not what i thought it’d be: bottom line, it’s very tough)
    I sell charcoal ( my area people still use a substantial amount of it as a substitute) near my house, i sell hair products and I’ve been experimenting on home made onion water for getting rid of dandruffs ( nothing big yet, i sold 3 bottles to my allies) & tthe reviews? Positive so far.
    So, there you have it. My mum stopped giving me pocket money when i was in 300 level & dad still coughs out few thousands.
    So, I gotta hustle o

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adejumoke says:

      Wow !!!!! I get really excited when I read comments like this. You’re the real boss 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Congratulations on your onion water production, trust me that charcoal business will soon become a thing .
      I also want to learn tailoring cause I’m getting tired of paying ridiculously expensive amounts to these tailors.
      Thanks for sharing , I’m inspired already. A big thank you for taking out time to read my boring blog. I’ll do well to keep writing 😘😘


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