Your head is probably twisting and turning in several directions, wondering if this is actually possible. You’re trying so hard to think it’s one of those YouTube pranks.

NO, I’ve actually not had a bath in 9 months…….. *dramatic pause* oh sorry, that was a slip. I meant to say “my blog has not had a bath in nine months” Lol, I got you there. *wink. It’s too dusty and the stench of my unending inconsistency is suffocating, my atmosphere reeks of procrastination, my lack of motivation is so pungent you need to cover your nose, a whiff alone will make you a dizzy mess. Like a decaying tooth, I gradually sunk into my own world of oblivion. I’m Sick of this ugliness.

I’ve been struggling these past 9 months to come up with a decent post even when I have tons of ideas and content I really want to share. Most people call it writer’s block but I’ll say it more of imposter syndrome.

Basically me comparing myself to other creatives and bloggers I look up to forgetting that our mission, goal and purpose differs. Feelings of inadequacy or that things were not going as planned.

I took out the frustration on my blog, I forgot that I had a safe space which is my blog and that I had an obligation to fulfill. I allowed social media metrics and the likes to determine my success rate.

I knew what the problem was but I chose to ignore it and was too mentally exhausted to actually put in effort into writing again.

I’ve learned now that growth is growth no matter how slow-paced it seems.

2019 was tough but amazing too if I do say so myself. During my time away from blogging, I got to discover new interests, hobbies, etc. I got my first social media management gig, took classes online, worked with a few brands, lost some clients too.

I basically found a new passion while getting paid for doing what I love. I got to attend my first ever content creators event (a story for another day), bloggers hangout, social media management classes, etc. 2019 was the year of self-discovery, even though my blog got very dusty (I’m sorry).

This year, I’m all about sharing, giving and giving some more. No more hoarding unto ideas. During my time away, I got to learn and create new things everyday. I believe that someone needs my ideas and experience. I’ll be glad to be of help to the best of my abilities if you will have me back. (Inserts puppy eyes).

I started the year 2020 with a new mindset, new goals and with the hopes of being accountable.

@EverythingNaArt, One of the few people that inspire me on Instagram posted something at the beginning of this year, she challenged her audience to be more accountable this year and she shared a guide that will walk you through.

Let’s do this together!!!. Take a screenshot below 

Join the amazing community of doers she’s building. @TribeCalledEna 

I’m excited about 2020 already. Cheers to an amazing decade.

MEANWHILE, Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas.

My Christmas and new year pictures for your entertainment. (I’m bribing you here *wink*)

Star girl

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Is it too late to take a blog bath and do a proper blog care routine?.